Ariel Fan, "Green Engage Guru" 

"The lightbulb industry's youngest CEO"

Ariel Fan helps hotels reduce energy consumption and improve their profitability.  Ariel is an expert at negotiating down lightbulb and toilet prices, along with capturing utility rebates throughout California.  As of 2017, Ariel has captured $2.3 MM in utility incentives for energy efficiency at Brighton Management hotels, achieving a spot at Southern California Edison's youngest business advisor in history.


Edman Urias,  "Really Nice Guy"

"Se Habla Español, Français, and English." 

Edman Urias never imagined learning so much about toilets in his life.  He is in charge of project coordination, administrative efforts, and all general tasks on the GreenWealth-Hotel Lodging team.  Edman is a graduate of Georgetown University and is fluent in Spanish, French and English.